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♥ Between two worlds ♥
My only one dream.

春野 ジェシカ

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Amethyst was 9 when she met Eevee. She had escaped from a relative’s home and had no pokémon with her, but Amethyst only cared about finding her little brother.

The young girl was wandering about Violet City aimlessly when she saw a small Eevee who looked sad and abandoned. Amethyst took him with her and he became her first companion. Despite having a timid nature, Eevee learnt to battle by Amethyst’s side; however, just like his trainer, he never really enjoyed fighting.

Even though Eevee wasn’t her legitimate pokémon, they both kept growing up attached for the next eight years… until in their journey across Sinnoh, Eevee finally managed to get rid of all his fears and evolved into Glaceon.

A year later, back in Johto to visit a friend, Amethyst met a younger girl who Glaceon seemed to recognize. She had been his previous owner but, she explained to Amethyst, her strict father forced her to abandon the poor Eevee because he didn’t seem capable of evolving. Against her own will, the young kid abandoned the pokémon, useless to her father’s eyes.

Amethyst decided that, no matter what the girl’s father said, Glaceon belonged with the younger trainer; Glaceon had been the girl’s first pokémon and his place was with her. The younger girl thanked Amethyst for helping Glaceon to get over all his fears and become what he’d always wanted to be.

Thus, Amethyst said “goodbye” to Glaceon and, slowly, moved away.

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